The Corydon Snow

by Richard Whitten Barnes
Published by (date):
ISBN: 978-1597055482
Tags: Sub-Category: Historical Fiction

Author of the Month, April 2011

The white hot story of a WWII freighter, loaded with high explosive fuel, its heroic crew and navy gunners drawn face to face with the most dangerous battle areas of the Pacific. A young Japanese Naval Air cadet trains for a mission that will bring him to in direct conflict with the star-crossed SS Corydon Snow.

MWSA review

This a fast-paced yet intimate look at WWII’s Merchant Marine crews engaged in fierce combat against the Japanese. A freighter carrying high explosive fuel is the setting for this gripping tale of courage and leadership, ill will and revenge. Barnes clearly knows his military history and expertly explores the psychological dramas of men isolated for months at a time in the most dangerous waters of the Pacific. Unforgettable characters are expertly developed and no reader can resist having opinions early in this story about some of America’s bravest fighters. And, just when you think you know it all, the book ends with a surprising twist that is both stunning and believable. Well done, Barnes.

Review by Carmen Stenholm, MWSA Reviewer (March 2011)