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December 15 — Check out new entries to MWSA Member Talk from new member Phyllis Zimbler Miller, Review of Sudden Threat by A.J. Tata, Review of More Than a Memory: Reflections on Vietnam by Victor Volkman

December 7 — Don’t forget to check new entries to our blog, MWSA Member Talk, Review of God in the Foxhole.

December 1 — Review of Shuttle Rising by Charles Boyle, Review of Centaurs of Vietnam by Carl Burns


(Special to MSWA Newsletter)

Francis Hamit, the author of “The Shenandoah Spy”, signed his book at the CalNational Bank branch in North Hollywood, California, on Saturday, November 15th, 2008. He donated ten dollars of the money received for every book sold to the new West Los Angeles Fisher House at the VA Hospital, and collected additional donations. Fisher House is the no-cost residential facility for the families of wounded veterans.

“It wasn’t really about selling books,” Hamit said. “Rather it was a way to raise money and awareness for an organization that any MWSA member could support. My father was a career Army medical officer, and, of course, I served with the Army in Vietnam and West Germany forty years ago, so this is a charity close to my heart. ”

So how did it go?

“Not all that great, “Hamit admitted. “That was the day we had three wildfires burning in the Los Angeles area, so we had no media coverage and not many people came in. Understandable. We did sell more books than at the Sonoma County Book Fair. CalNational Bank may sponsor a follow-up event at another of their branches. If they will, I will.

“This is something that any member or group of members can do for a Fisher House near them — and there are 38 of them nationwide.”

November 20 — Review of Once a Marine by Nick Popaditch, with Mike Steere

November 16 — President Tony Lazzarini’s Departing Letter.

October 31 — Review of Across the Bridge by Jim Greenwald, Review of Seen from an Open Window by Jim Greenwald

October 29 — Award winning author Mike Sager to read it book, “Wounded Warriors” for charity in DC area, review of Unleash the Warrior Within by Richard Machowicz

October 22 — MWSA member, Ceil Stetson, was a finalist in the History: Military Category by, the premiere online magazine and review website for mainstream and independent publishing houses, announced the winners and finalists of the ‘NATIONAL BEST BOOKS 2008′ (NBBA) awards. See her MWSA review for “Dear Sergeant Honey” here.

October 16 — Review of The Marathon Murders by Chester Campbell.


Jeff accepts award

October 13 — Review of “Dear Sergeant Honey” by Ceil Stetson, Review of “Unknown Waters” by Alfred S. McClaren. ANNOUNCEMENT: This November, Time Warner Cable is hosting a “Take a Veteran to School Day” Event at Adobe Bluffs Elementary School. They will honor Veterans and inform students about Veterans Day. If any Veterans is interested in attending this event on November 10 and speaking, please contact Elizabeth Rybas at or call 858.634.8258.

October 4 — Review of Leathernecks by MWSA authors Merrill Bartlett and Jack Sweetman, The Sandbox edited by David Sanford, Through the Wheat by BrigGen Edwin Simmons (USMC, ret) and Col Joseph Alexander (USMC,ret), Free People Move Mountains by by Frank Schaeffer & Kathy Roth-Douquet. Note Slideshow Below: MWSA authors signing at the Sonoma Book Festival this summer.

September 29 — Announcing the 2009-2010 OFFICERS & BOARD MEMBERS are President – Joyce Faulkner, Vice President Mike Mullins, Secretary Pat McGrath Avery, Board Members — Eddie Beesley & Steve Weyher. The membership also voted to open up the organization to others besides veterans. Further information will follow!

September 29 — NOTE: For a variety of reasons including the state of the economy, scheduling conflicts and President Tony Lazzarini’s health issues, the 2008 Awards Ceremony planned for November in San Antonio has been cancelled for this year. New plans will be announced at the beginning of 2009!

September 23 — President’s Newsletter, 2008 Awards Announcements & MWSA Elections

September 1 – 5 — Proceedings Article by MWSA author Andrew Lubin about Marine Mission in Afghanistan titled “Afghanistan – the War Escalates, Review of Fire Mission

August 25 — 31 — MWSA member Mary Nida Smith invites anyone with World War II submarines stories to submit them to Alex Burder who is creating a documentary. Click here for details.

August 18-24 — In Passing – by Joyce Faulkner, Review of Mommy, What’s a POW/MIA? by John T. Dixon, Jr., Review of Spooks by James Slusser, Review of The Final Salute by Kathleen Rodgers, Review of The Ghosts of Thua Thien by John A. Nesser, Review of Gettysburg Miracle by John F. Dobbertin, Jr

August 11 – 17 — Review of Deborah Ellis’ new children’s book, Off to War: Voices of Soldiers’ Children , Review of One Weekend a Month by Craig Trebilcock, Review of The Border by David Danelo, Skip Coryell is looking for help with the title of his next book.

August 5 – 10 — MWSA Author Claudia Pemberton takes top honors at First Coast Romance Writers Organization, Review of Flying for her Country by MWSA author Amy Goodpaster , Review of Last Full Measure by Donald Farinacci, Don Bendell announces the launch of his new web store front ( )

July 30-August 4 — President Tony Lazzarini’s July Newsletter, Review Submission Rules, Full, Fair, and Open Trials? by MWSA author Andrew Lubin — an article published in PROCEEDINGS about the trials at Guantanamo Bay, Author Skip Coryell starts new publishing firm White Feather Press.

July 21 – July 29 — Review of MWSA author’s new book “The Sinking of the Forty-nine”

July 12-July 20 — MWSA author Jessica James’ “Shades of Gray” recieves award, MWSA Francis Hamit interviewed on BlogTalkRadio, Review of George Power’s new book, “Making of a Soldier”, Review of Giving My Heart: love in a Military Family, MWSA Author Sharon McBridge announces her new book,”My Mommy Wears Combat Boots”

July 2 — Review of Geri Krotaw’s “A Rendevous to Remember,” Book Trailer for DH Brown’s “Honor Due,” Review of Jack Thomas’s “Coyote Jack,” Review of Jay Stout’s “Slaughter at Goliad,” Review of “Crescent Fire” by David M. Salkin, Review of “Sharks on Wounded Fish: Chum Water” by Hodge Wood, Review of “My Mommy Wears Combat Boots” by Sharon McBride, Review of “The Last Farewell” by Edmund Burke, Julie Whitman Jones, and William J. Sullivan, JR., Review of “Where do Dingoes Come from?” by Bascom and Tracy Bradshaw, Take a look at MWSA Artist Ron Mann’s new website.

June 28 — Interview with Karen Pavlicin, Brad Philpot announces new Amazon Short “Foot Soldier”, MWSA Author Advocate Carolyn Howard-Johnson Named to Cohost New Borders Best Selling Author TV Series

June 18 — Slide Show of Flag Retirement Ceremony in Pittsburgh, PA

June 9 — Review of Rogue Avenger, Review of Clear the Decks! Operation Purple Healing Adventures, Free Teleseminar for Writers

May 29 — Review of The Highlanders: Charlie Company goes to the Iraq Training Center.

May 25 — May/June MWSA President’s Newsletter, Review of Madam President and the Admiral, Honoring the Sacrifice, Review of World War II Radio Heroes, Review of Securing Global Transportation Networks, Review of The Spy with the Clean Face

May 12 — Review of Solemnly Swear and Hospitaller.

May 5 — Review of Killing Rommel

May 3 — Review of Strictly a Loner

April 29 — MWSA Authors Carolyn Howard-Johnson & David H. Jones at UCLA/LA Times Book Festival.

April 22 — Doubleday announces Steven Pressfield’s new historical novel, “Killing Rommel” will be available for sale on May 6, 2008. See the ten minute video about Rommel narrated by Steven Pressfield below.

April 22 — New Reviewers Charles Gibb and Claudia Pemberton. “Under Orders”, 2006 MWSA Gold Medal recipient for best spiritual book goes to 3rd printing. S.G. Cardin announces “Destination Berlin”. New review of “Stand To: A Journey to Manhood” by E.Franklin Evans.

April 21 — MWSA Supporting its Veterans, Skip Coryell takes position with Michigan Coalition for responsible gun owners, review of War Wings, MWSA Member William Lee’s book “The Boys in Blue White Dress” received award, web site structural updates creating new “Events & News” button and “MWSA Voices” button. “Resources” button has also been reworked. More work to all three functions is upcoming. Several new books have been added to the book store. Member and award winning author Carolyn Howard-Johnson posted new article to Blog about book promotion.

April 14 — See MWSA member Andrew Lubin’s article Ramadi- From the Califphate to Capitalism in the US Naval Institute Proceedings. Claudia Pemberton reviews The Frugal Editor. For our musical members, if you are interested in getting your material on Hooah!!! Radio, send your mp3s with bio and website to Bette at for evaluation.

April 10 — See President Tony Lazzarini’s April Newsletter, Andy Lubin reviews four new books, Honor Due, Class of Twenty-Eight, Shades of Gray and The Boys in Blue White Dress. I’ve also added a new feature to the site — a blog, called MWSA Member Talk. This will be the place for questions, ideas, suggestions, comments, sharing and caring. Also, check the book store regularly for new books.

March 17 — See new review of Two Soldiers by David H. Jones. Also, check out article about Ron Ballister and take a look at the growing list of books in the MWSA Book Store.

March 14 — See MWSA artist and winner of the 2007 “Healing through the Arts” award, Ron Mann’s work in the Art Gallery.

March 12 — MWSA MEMBER Robert L. Hecker’s novel “Murder by Proxy,” published by Hard Shell Word Factory wins the 2008 EPPIE for Action/Adventure. Congratulations Robert! We are both proud and thrilled for you.

March 1 — March Newsletter: 2008 Awards Conference location chosen!, MWSA Membership cards in the mail!, MWSA OnLine BookStore to open!, MWSA Regions Announced, Review of Proximity: A Novel of the Navy’s Elite Bomb Squad.

Book Store

Week of August 28 – September 6

Alex Buder, associate producer at Story House Productions, a television and film documentary company based out of Washington, DC. They are in pre-production of a new TV documentary series of American Submarines in the Pacific Theater during World War II and experiences of crew members to be shown on the History Channel. They produced the documentary on the USS Cole. Their website is

Mr. Buder is requesting stories from WWII Submariners to be sent by e-mail or by regular mail to:

Alex Buder
Associate Producer
Story House Productions
2233 Wisconsin Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20007

Week of August 5 – 10

MWSA member Claudia Pemberton’s debut novel, “Love Leaves No One Behind” took first place in the Romantic Suspense Category of the “First Coast Romance Writers – The Beacon” (2008 Published Division) Contest. The First Coast Romance Writers Organization is Chapter 108 of the prestigious Romance Writers of America Association.

Week of July 14-21

MWSA author Sharon McBride announces her children’s book, “My Mommy Wears Combat Boots”

Shades of Gray: A Novel of the Civil War in Virginia, by Military Writer Society author Jessica James, has won a gold medal for Best Regional Fiction in the Indie Book Awards contest and was a finalist in the Historical Fiction category. The book also garnered a silver medal for Best Regional
Fiction in the 2008 Independent Publisher Book Awards.

MWSA author Francis Hamit interviewed by BlogTalkRadio host and fellow writer Denny
Griffin. Half hour interview archived on BTR and also the Brass Cannon Books web site as a podcast

Week of June 30 – July 7

MWSA author Brad Philpot announces publication of new Amazon Short “Foot Soldier”

MWSA Author Advocate Carolyn Howard-Johnson Named to Cohost New Borders Best Selling Author TV Series

Week of June 9 – June 15

Author and Publisher Team to Offer Free Teleseminar on Bringing A Writers’ Dream to Life

Purple Healing Adventure Camp

Week of May 23 – May 30, 2008

May 29, 2008 — MWSA Reviewer Andrew Lubin heads out today to embed with 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.”

May 25 — “Shades of Gray” by MWSA member Jessica James won an IPPY (Independent Publisher award) for Best
Regional Fiction.

MWSA President’s Newsletter
Honoring the Sacrifice
Week of April 28 – May 3, 2008

MWSA Authors Carolyn Howard-Johnson & David H. Jones at UCLA/LA Times Book Festival.

Week of April 20, 2008

“Under Orders”, MWSA 2006 Gold Medal for best spiritual book, going to 3rd printing.

S.G. Cardin’s first novel, “Destination: Berlin” romps through the Cold War nation of East Germany on a suspenseful race to get to Berlin

MWSA Member William Lee Receives Award at North Texas Book Festival

MWSA Supporting its Veterans

Skip Coryell takes position with Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners