**Although our members have opinions regarding current events, our intent is to support the United States military rather than denounce it. We have no illusion that the performance of our military or our nation’s leaders are flawless, but we feel strongly that there are more than enough existing venues for criticizing them. We do not wish to become another one. Consequently, we make efforts to avoid publishing material that we find to be primarily critical in nature.
Please submit requests for review to our Lead Reviewer, Rob Ballister.

Rob Ballister, our lead reviewer, published his first book “God Does Have a Sense of Humor” in September of 2005, and joined MWSA in October 2006. A graduate of the US Naval Academy, he is an active duty Naval Officer with over 13 years military experience. His book won a 2007 MWSA Gold Medal. He reviews novels and science fiction for the Society, and is also a board member.


Mrs. Lieutenant

Unknown Waters, by Alfred S. McLaren

A Rendezvous to Remember

Clear the Deck!

Rogue Avenger by John R. Hindinger

Behold, an Ashen Horse by Lee Boyland

Humble Heroes by Steven Bustin

The Rings of Allah by Lee Boyland

Swift Boat Down; The Real Story of the Sinking of PCF-19 by James Steffes

My Father’s Secret War by Lucinda Franks

Constant Bearing Decreasing Range by Skip Vogel

Coast Watching in WWII by A. B. Feuer

Australian Commandos by A. B. Feuer

When Evil Prospers by John Washburn

The B-24 in China by A. B. Feuer

Gangway, Regular Navy! by Richard Merrell

Counterclockwise by Roger L. Conlee

Securing Global Transportation Networks by Luke Ritter, J. Michael Barrett, Rosalyn Wilson

John Cathcart spent 20 years in the USAF, retiring in 1998 as a Lieutenant Colonel. During his career he flew the B52, F-111 and the twin-engine prop C-12. He later served as a military attaché, in Colombia and Venezuela. For the remainder of his military career, he worked in a series of staff assignments, including the Office of the Secretary of Defense (Special Operations & Low-Intensity Conflict) at the Pentagon and the US Southern Command (both in Panama and in Miami). In 1999 was hired by American Airlines and is currently flying the 737.

He is the author of Delta 7, a fictional thriller based loosely on his experiences as an attaché.


Just a Walk in the Park, by Tom Noland

Charles Gibb brings substantial combat and literary experience to MWSA.

Upon joining the Navy at age 17, he saw action in both WW2 and Korea, and then led a Beach Jumpers unit in spec ops land missions in Vietnam. Twice decorated, Lt Gibb was awarded both the Navy Achievement Medal, as well as the Navy Commendation Medal with a “V” for valor in combat. He was the Operations Officer for the Navy’s Special Forces Group, Pacific.

After his Navy service, Chuck earned a Master of Public Administration, as well as a PhD in Human Behavior. He’s the author of two books: “The Gold Buckle” and “Murder on the Cocktail Circuit,” and is currently working on finishing a screenplay version of “The Gold Buckle.” A California resident, he’s married to Yvonne.


Coyote Jack

Lloyd King is a highly decorated Vietnam veteran, counting a Silver Star and two Purple Hearts among his commendations. In 2006 he published an anthology of his poems entitled “From ‘Nam with Love,” which received the MWSA Gold Medal for best poetry book. Lloyd currently resides in Louisiana, and reviews poetry books for MWSA.


Across the River
Seen from an Open Window
Ragtops and Flip Flops by Brent Burns
Vietnam in Verse: Poetry for Beer Drinkers by Michael D. Mullins

Andrew Lubin is a journalist and author who writes on the military, international relations, and economics. Having embedded 5 times with the Marines in Iraq, Beirut, Afghanistan and Okinawa, Andrew is able to combine his months of work with our troops with his knowledge and expertise in writing when working with MWSA. He is the author of “Charlie Battery; A Marine Artillery Unit in Iraq,” for which he won a 2007 MWSA Gold Medal Award. You can read his work at www.andrewlubin.com.


Quicksilver: A Greyhound at Sea

The Devil’s Alchemist by AR Homer

Stealth Boat by Gannon McHale

Slaughter at Goliad by Jay Stout

The First Marine Captured in Vietnam by Donald Price

Life After Deployment by Karen Pavlicin

Accordion War: Korea 1961 by Charles Hughes

Marines and Renegades by Gene Rackovitch

The Highway War by W. B. Folsom

The Coveted Black and Gold by John D. Lock

Guiding the Way From Middle Neebish by Edward T. Cook

I’m a Hero Too by Jennifer Sokol

The Painted Man by Kenneth Floyd

For the Good of the Many by Gary Carter

Shades of Gray by Jessica James

Class of Twenty-eight by Neil Moloney

The Boys in Blue White Dress by William F. Lee

Honor Due by D.H. Brown

Killing Rommel by Steven Pressfield

Madam President and the Admiral

World War II Radio Heroes

The Highlanders: Charlie Company Goes to the Iraq Training Center

Tony Lazzarini served two tours in Vietnam with the 25th Aviation, “A” Company “Little Bear” Assault helicopter company and flew over 250 missions as a door gunner. He is the author of two award winning books and a national prize wining stage play. He is working on film documentaries and just completed serving as President of the Military Writers Society of America in December of 2008.


See the Dragon by Don Arndt
The Spy with the Clean Face by Russell R. Miller
She Flew Bombers by Jeane Slone NEW!

Bill McDonald Jr. flew with the 128th Helicopter Assault Company out of Phu Loi, South Vietnam. He was awarded numerous medals, including: the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Bronze Star, fourteen Air Medals and the Purple Heart. He is the author of “A Spiritual Warrior’s Journey”, “Purple Hearts”, and “Sacred Eye.” Bill is MWSA’s founder, and served as the Society’s first president.


Giving My Heart: love in a Military Family
Perch, Mrs. Sackets, and Crow’s Nest by Karen Pavlicin
Band of Sisters by Kirsten Holmstedt
My Dad’s a Hero by Rebecca Christiansen & Jewel Armstrong
Grady’s Tour by John H. Gallagher
Irish Eyes by Zoe Grider
I’m Goin’ to Walk Away from the Blues by R.J. Morris (music)
Murders Do Not Come By Accident by Edward T. Cook
Love Leaves No One Behind by Claudia Pemberton
Stars & Shields: Cop Stories by Edward T. Cook
Bombshells: War Stories and Poems by Women on the Homefront
Scatterlings of Africa by Peter Davies
Lipstick and a Smile by Helen White
When You Hear the Bugle Call by Peter S. Griffin
Thoughts, Memories, and Tears; An Anthology of War, Death, and Remembrance by Peter S. Griffin
Write Home for Me: A Red Cross Woman in Vietnam by Jean Lamensdorf
The Twins Platoon by Christy W. Sauro Jr.

Claudia Pemberton is a member of the MWSA and the Romance Writers of America, and the author of the break-out fiction novel “Love Leaves No One Behind,” the story of retired Army Ranger Jesse Daulton, and his love, Mikayla Mitchell. A life-long West Virginia resident, Claudia works for the Cabel County Public School System, and is working hard on the sequel to to her award-winning first book.


Dear Sergeant Honey

Mommy, What’s a POW/MIA?

My Mommy Wears Combat Boots

The Last Farewell

Sharks on Wounded Fish

Where do the Dingoes Come From

Solemnly Swear

The Frugal Book Editor

Jim Stewart is a retired cop who spent four years in Vietnam, arriving in September of 1966 as a Military Policeman for two years. Jim returned to Vietnam and worked two more years as a civilian, returning stateside in July of 1970. He’s the author of “The Angel from Vietnam” and resides in the desert of Southern California. Jim has his own website, www.geocities.com/militarypoliceofvietnam.


Strictly A Loner

Stand to: A Journey to Manhood

Civil War Almanac by John C. Fredriksen, PhD NEW!

Our Walk with God by Tibor and Julia Anne Bierbaum

Rangers in Combat by John D. Lock

Retribution by John R. Schembra

Revolutionary War Almanac by John C. Fredriksen, PhD.