by Thomas Van Hees
Published by (date): Publish America (February 2010)
ISBN: 978-1-4489-8523-4
Price: $24.95
Tags: Non-Fiction Sub-Category: How-to/Business Other Self help,how to, informational

Author of the Month, April 2011

Disability Compensation The Veterans Guide is a comprehensive guide for the Veteran on how to negotiate the VA’s sometimes difficult claim filing process when filing for disability compensation for their service-connected injuries and conditions. My book is a “No BULL” approach to filing claims and will walk the veteran through each and every step of the claim filing process.

MWSA review

Nothing is more frustrating or daunting than trying to get the Veterans Administration to provide compensation for service related problems. Whether the problem presented itself immediately or many years later it often seems like a battle the veteran cannot win.

Mr. VanHees has put together a road map or in today’s world a gps for navigating through the hurdles that every veteran faces. His message is one of encouragement and tenacity. Do not give up, file and file and file until you are successful seems like a simple plan, yet thousands of veterans give up in the face of so many hurdles.

Here, in this book is a plan, simple and organized but requiring the veterans persistence to reach success. All areas are covered in simple easy to understand language. His four year battle taught him much and he has turned it into a manual for all veterans to use.

If you are contemplating filing for benefits, have been turned down or are thinking of giving up the fight, don’t, instead, purchase a copy of this book, you will find the fight to be much

Review by jim greenwald, MWSA Lead Reviewer (March 2011)