The Rules

Here are the rules:

Just about any medium will be accepted — essay, flash fiction, poetry, song lyrics, etc.
Must be short enough to be performed in less than five minutes.
You must be an active member
Deadline September 1, 2009
Send to and indicate which image inspired your work.
Must be planning on attending the MWSA Conference in October and be willing to perform it on Saturday, October 10th on the Veterans Radio Show.
Eight finalists will be selected and announced on September 12 on the Veterans Radio Show at 9am EST. (

More Details

Here’s where everyone else gets involved. Between September 12 and October 10th, we need to find 1 Million Votes. The finalists and their work will be posted on the Website, in the October Newsletter, and in the Conference Program. The Conference Program will be available to you as a pdf file so that you can send it to your contacts around the world. We can include other writing organizations, we can gather regional and local voters, we can encourage your veteran groups and military units. People can vote from military bases around the world. They can vote via their websites and blogs and social networks. We’ll take votes by Twitter and Text Messages and emails and phone calls. We’ll have a voting mechanism on our site. All of this will take place during the 2 day conference.

If you want to participate in collecting the votes at the event, please indicate 1 Million Votes/People’s Choice when you register. If you aren’t coming to the event, you can mine all of your contacts and your contacts’ contacts. You can have a party in your area and encourage people to come and vote. You can contact your local newspapers and radio and tv stations and appear to encourage your audiences to vote. You can conduct voting on your website and then report it to us at the event.

Advantages to everyone — anyone in the Conference Program will be seen by all of these people, anyone at the Conference will be seen, in fact, anyone on our website will be exposed to the more than 1 million people coming to evaluate the eight finalists and their work. We can do this if we harness the power of our numbers — if we are all in this, not only for ourselves but for everyone else.


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Congratulations to our eight finalists…
but especially to our PCA winner and runner up!

Vote for one entry, (one vote per person, please!)
and don’t forget to fill in your name below

Mindy Phillips Lawrence — Calling → PDF

Jack L. Wells — Six Bronze Men → PDF

James R. Jellerson — Freedom isn’t Free → PDF |

Second Place!!! Jerry Yellin — Iwo Jima, August 14, 1945 → PDF | YouTube

Bonnie Bartel Latino — The Rush of Butterflies

→ PDF |

John Cathcart — Flag from a Grateful Nation → PDF |

Marlyce Stockinger — The Choice We Make → PDF |

Jeff Senour & CTS — Way Back Home → PDF |

Many thanks to all who visited our site and made their voice heard by voting!