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What/Who is MWSA?

  • We are an association of more than eight-hundred authors, poets, and artists, drawn together by the common bond of military service.  Most of our members are active duty military, retirees, or military veterans.  A few are lifelong civilians who have chosen to honor our military through their writings or their art.  Our only core principle is a love of the men and women who defend this nation, and a deeply personal understanding of their sacrifice and dedication.
  • Our skills are varied.  Some of us are world class writers, with many successful books.  Others write only for the eyes of their friends and families.  But each of us has a tale to tell. Each of us is a part of the fabric of Freedom.  These are our stories…
  • For more details, click here to read more about us.  Feel free to browse our site and get to know our members and their work.

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